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Are you looking to play some softball?
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We will be starting our 15th year in 2021, so please check us out.

The Dome Softball season is underway.  You can drop in on Mondays and Fridays.   Visit the dome website for more information.

The 2021 summer league will officially start Monday May 3rd

You can play or get some practice in at the Dome (by RCTC) or at McQuillan Fields (April) before
our league starts.

Randy Kahl - League Coordinator

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*** 2020 Season Status ***

Yes, we are playing ball!  For 2020 all players must have signed a registration form documenting they have read and will follow the RMSS COVID-19 guidelines as documented here before participating in any RMSS practice or game.  The COVID-19 guidelines are also available under the More tab.  We had a successful Session 1 and are now playing Session 2 with an end date in mid-October

Session 1 2020 - Champs

Group picture from Session 3 2018

2019 Session 4 Champs, Edward Jones with a 4-2-1 record and a tie game against Thrivent in the Championship Game

Front Row - Tim Nolden, Bill Gosse, Larry Batterson, Benj Mahle, Jerry Krantz

Second Row - Bob Horstmann, Phil Castrovinci, Dan Richter, Dave Anderson (mgr), Merv Henke, Rod Lanners

Back Row - Kevin Herzog, Duane Petersen

Not pictured - Joe Jennison, Bill Traetow, Bill VonWald

2019 Session 3 Champs - Shorewood with a 7-2 record and a win over Prime Time Health in the Championship Game 

Front Row - Larry Batterson, Bill Gosse (mgr), Bob Adams, Gregg Schreck, Bobette Pronk

Second Row - Bill Sutter, Bill VonWald, Ed Butler, John Homme, Matt Halleck, Tim Nolden, Gary Oldenburg

Not Pictured - Gary Thomas

2019 Session 2 Champs, Shorewood, with an 8-2 record and a 30-9 win over Edward Jones in the Championship Game

Front row - Rick Schafer, Whitey Perlich, Larry Batterson, Bill Gosse (mgr), Bill Miller

Back row - Benj Mahle, Bob Horstmann, Ed Butler, Tim Nolden, John Bowron, Bobette Pronk, Tony Speltz 

Not pictured - Charlie Farrell, Leroy Stolberg

2019 Session 1 Champs, Shorewood, with an 6-0 record and a 18-11 win over Black's Auto in the Championship Game

Front row - Ben Borgen, Mike Ewen, Bobette Pronk, Melisa Doe, Bill Gosse (mgr) Tom Kowalewski

Back row - Gregg Kropp, Tom Lundin, Gregg Schreck, Jim Chihak, Ron Sanders, Tim Klein, Larry Batterson, Bob Adams 

Not pictured - Bob Conway, Dick Gosse, Will White

A few of the Doe children are also included

Rochester MN Senior Softball League

Rochester MN Senior Softball (RMSS) is a spring/summer league open to men and women players. Men must be at least 50 years old during the playing season. Women players must be at least 40 years old during the playing season. Our focus is on fun, fitness and fellowship.  Games are played on Monday and Wednesday mornings at McQuillan fields in southeast Rochester, behind Longfellow school on Marion Road.  Normal start time is at 9:30 AM with optional batting practice at 8:30 AM. Due to weather or field availability start times are occasionally changed slightly.  

The season is separated into sessions. Players register as individuals, then are drafted and assigned to teams for each session. This minimizes a single team dominating other teams and accounts for player availability based upon new players, injuries, vacations, and work responsibilities.  It also promotes fellowship as the team rosters change each session. The dates for each session are included on the General Calendar (under the More tab)  and reflected in the Games Schedule page. The Events/News page records our mid-season picnics and other celebrations in addition to general news items.
We will have 6-8 teams for the 2020 season.  The 2020 season will run from May 4 through Sept 23 with 4 sessions of between 9 and 12 games and a total of 40 games. 

The 2020 fee will be $48 with an early bird rate of $40.  The fee covers the 40 scheduled games plus picnics.  The Registration and Waiver page has the early bird sign up dates/locations and the Registration and Waiver form.  You may print the form on your printer and bring it filled out.  Please bring proof of age.  

Remember, women must be at least 40 by calendar year end. Men must be at least 50 by calendar year end.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you want to join the league after the season starts, contact a RMSS Board member or a Team Manager. The Board members and team manager information is available on the Contact Us page.   A per game fee or a reduced season fee, based upon your start to play date is offered. 

There are picnics at the end of each scheduled session.  2020 season  picnics are scheduled for 6/3, 7/15, 8/19 and 9/23. They are FREE to RMSS players and great opportunities for fun and fellowship!!
For more league and team information, click the tabs at the top of this page. Standings and Team Rosters for each of the planned sessions will be posted as the season progresses. Events/News is updated as RMSS has items to report.  Throughout the year the RMSS will send emails with events and news items as well.  Note the More tab. Click this tab to see links to additional pages. 

Senior Dome Softball

During the winter and early spring indoor softball is available at the RCTC Dome.  The season normally runs from mid-November to early April. Click here for information on Senior Dome Softball.  RMSS and Senior Dome Softball are related but separate organizations.

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